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Energy recovery

We offer a number of ways to collect and dispose of your wood waste. Wood is used in the energy recovery sector, all wood handled by CDDL is used for the manufacturing of electricity which is then feed back into the national grid.

Wood Waste Management & Collection Service

Wood Waste Collection and Disposal

We can supply skips from 12 yard up to 40 yard and will empty these on either a scheduled basis or an as and when basis.

We can also collect wood in there very large vans, this can be the more economical way for most of their clients.

There are two main types of waste wood, A grade which can be 100% recycled, this is dependent on volume, and B/C grade wood, this is wood that has been used before, such as fencing, furniture and sheds etc.

Railway sleepers and telegraph poles are classified as hazardous waste and take a totally different route for disposal, high incineration under very strict rules, which leads to a much higher cost of disposal.

Our Process

Contact us with your waste wood enquiries

We will visit your site to view and enable us to grade the wood waste you produce, A Grade or B?C Grade.

We will quote and if accepted install the required containers for you to store the waste wood in until it is disposed of.

What People Say About Us

I have had the good fortune to work with Tony and found he is committed in what he does particular the recycling industry and it’s impact for the future. He also cares about the people he works with and his customers.

Colin Martin

Site Manager , Blue Phoenix Group

I would highly recommend Tony and CDDL Recycling. Dealt with my confidential waste quickly and efficiently. Will definitely use his services again.

Michelle Gange

Virtual Medical , PA/Practice Manager

Tony is a very experienced operator getting the best out of groups of teams to ensure they can maximise recycling value and create high quality fuels for use in Energy from Waste plants.

John Scanlon

Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ Environmental Services

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Can wood be landfilled?

No, wood is banned from landfill

How often can wood be recycled?


What happens to waste wood?

It is sued for energy recovery, generating electricity.