Wondering why you should bother shredding your documents rather than just chucking them straight in the bin? Here are a few reasons why you should choose to shred.


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1 Easier To Manage

Some businesses prefer to keep their confidential documents under lock and key in a cabinet somewhere. But this can get very messy very quickly as well as take us a lot of space. Shredding your documents means that you save space as well as streamline organization.


2 It’s The Safest Method

Shredding your documents allows you to protect both your customers and your employees. Both parties have a legal right to privacy, so if you’re just throwing away old documents with their names, information and identities on them- many people can be comprised. By destroying those documents, you eliminate this risk permanently.


3 You Could Break The Law

Privacy and GDPR laws are getting more and more rigorous and are cracking down on businesses that fail to comply with the necessary security standards. If you aren’t careful when deciding how you deal with your confidential information when it’s no longer of use, you might inadvertently run afoul of the law. Shredding your documents could help you avoid this situation.


Every business is unique in how they run their practices, but when it comes to the disposal of confidential information, many act in the same way- they choose shredding. To learn more about what Confidential Document Destruction can do for your business, contact us today at 01795 874241.