With the new GDPR legislation coming into effect earlier this year, it is more important than ever to dispose of confidential waste correctly and securely.

confidentialWhether your confidential waste is in the form of paper documents, hard drives or logbooks, the data needs to be protected and handled in the right way, particularly if it features personal information. The first step in the process of disposing of your confidential waste is to understand what constitutes as confidential documents. We’ve put together a quick guide of some things you’ll want to contact us about!

Personal Information Documents

Documents that include information about an individual, such as their telephone numbers, home address, full name or credit/debit card numbers are considered to be personal information.

Any documents that include this data should be confidentially destroyed, not just disposed of in a bin, even after they are no longer used by a particular organisation.

Office Plans & Documents

Businesses should do what they can to protect the safety of those in their office. Access to documents that feature office layouts, key exits, seating plans, employee handbooks and forms should be limited. If possible, they should only be accessed electronically, but hard-copies should be safely destroyed when not in use, even if they are considered to be out of date.


Contracts should be treated confidentially at all times, for both your benefit and the third party. If the contract is for a confidential agreement, it should be immediately out-dated if an authorised person has access to it.

Contracts often feature sensitive information including the nature of the agreement, personal information, service values and more. You should do whatever you can to avoid sharing contracts unless strictly requires and limit physical copies; keep it physical. Once you’ve backed up any digital copies you need, securely dispose of any physical copies.

Whilst the above includes some of the most important documents that should be securely stored and destroyed, you should ensure that all documents in your business or workplace are confidentially disposed of. This also reduces the risk of data breach and breaking GDPR legislations.

At Confidential Document Destruction, our services are tailored to your needs to safeguard your organisation. Whatever kind of sensitive materials you need to dispose of, you can rely on our friendly team to provide discreet, secure collection, storage and destruction.

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