For many businesses, confidential waste can be an issue. How to dispose of all that sensitive information in a responsible way?

Everybody knows screwing up piece of paper and carelessly throwing them in a nearby bin is not the safest way to keep your data private. After all, you wouldn’t throw a credit card away without cutting it up first!

At Confidential Document Destruction, here’s how we can help protect your confidential information while we dispose of it.



One of the services we provide is a full audit of your business to see if your confidential waste is being disposed of in a responsible manner. We judge this against all the data protection regulations that apply, including GDPR.



At CDDL, we offer a secure collection for confidential waste. Containment bags, which are provided, help reduce security risk which are in turn collected by employees who ride tracked vehicles. That waste is then taken to our depot where it is shredded beyond all recognition.



For those concerned for the environment, fear not! Once all that confidential waste is shredded, it’s taken to a recycling plant and put back into the industry as new paper and cardboard.


Archive Collection

We provide a service of collecting and disposing of archive material where we come into your office and clear away the clutter, then organise the collection. We also offer an archive storage service that sorts out the poorly stored information into better, more secure storage.


IT Equipment

As well as paper, we dispose of computer equipment for you. Hard drives which may contain sensitive information are all wiped and then shredded to below 20mm pieces. In short, we get rid of digital information just as readily as printed information.

Do you need confidential documents to be destroyed? Get in touch with us and get a quote for your collection today.