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Confidential Waste Disposal

Do you produce confidential waste?
I.e. printed emails, letters etc. that are part of everyday business and throw them in the general waste bin, have you checked what your staff do with these documents once they have finished with them.

We offer various containers/bags for the safe storage and collection of day to day confidential waste produced in all offices in all industries.

We collect, shred and certify all confidential waste handled on your behalf and issue all relevant documents to comply with both your Confidential Data Policies and GDPR

confidential waste disposal baled up and recycled

Securely Collected and Destroyed

We offer confidential waste disposal from clients, archive information from 5 boxes up to any amount of boxes.

Securely collected and destroyed beyond recognition.

Certification of destruction is issued to clients within 48 hours of collection.

Easy Confidential Disposal in offices

We supply consoles for locating in all office environments, for the safe collection of all day to day confidential waste produced by all employees of all size businesses. Ad hoc or scheduled collections of the confidential waste by qualified employees of CDDL.

Easliy Dipose of your IT Waste

Collection of all IT waste for confidential destruction, hard drives shredded to below 15mm.

All hard drives are wiped clean of any remaining information before shredding takes place.

All computers shredded and all materials are recycled back into the recycling chain.

Confidential Waste Bag Service

We offer a confidential waste bag service, bags are supplied to businesses or home businesses from 6 – 20 bags at any one time, these bags are then filled with confidential documents, the bags are then collected and taken to the shredders for destruction.


Helping you stay compliant

We work very closely with you to help produce the required Policies and Procedures to comply with GDPR.

There has and is a lot of scaremongering going around about GDPR, we help you work thru the facts of the Act, we also help you save money and time so you can carry on with your day to day business.

Get in contact with us, we will visit your site, discuss your requirements and offer a solution that fits your needs.

You will then have all the required documents to comply with both your own GDPR Policies and GDPR Regulations.

confidential waste disposal bins, bags and boxes for offices

Our Process

We can supply confidential consoles that are located in strategic areas of your business to encourage all your staff to place all documents in the consoles

We will empty the consoles on wither a scheduled basis as agreed with the client or on an ad-hoc basis when you call for the consoles to be emptied.

Specified numbered waste transfer notes on collection of confidential waste.

Certificates of destruction within 48 hours of collection of confidential waste.

What People Say About Us

I have had the good fortune to work with Tony and found he is committed in what he does particular the recycling industry and it’s impact for the future. He also cares about the people he works with and his customers.

Colin Martin

Site Manager , Blue Phoenix Group

I would highly recommend Tony and CDDL Recycling. Dealt with my confidential waste quickly and efficiently. Will definitely use his services again.

Michelle Gange

Virtual Medical , PA/Practice Manager

Tony is a very experienced operator getting the best out of groups of teams to ensure they can maximise recycling value and create high quality fuels for use in Energy from Waste plants.

John Scanlon

Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ Environmental Services

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We pride ourselves on giving you the best service and advice for your waste, making sure that it doesn’t end up in landfil and saves you money were possible.


What is confidential waste?
Confidential waste is any documents or IT information that allows you to recognise an individual.
Is shredded paper recycled?
Yes it is 100% of the paper is recycled.
Will I be prosecuted if I do not handle confidential waste correctly?
Yes, you will be prosecuted if you do not handle your confidential waste correctly and you will receive a fine of up to 4% of annual turnover for the business.

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