About CDDL Recycling

CDDL Recycling provides total waste management and recycling services for every type of waste product across the board.  We pride ourselves in our approach of being able to bring value back to the people and companies who work with us. 

We work on a one-to-one basis with every client by offering bespoke and detailed waste management and recycling services to make sure they get the best out of the waste being produced.  We are a ‘Landfill Diversion’ business and see every type of waste as an opportunity to Reuse, Recycle, Reduce waste material.

Meet Our Team

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Yvonne Curtis


Yvonne has been with the business since it’s conception and has been an integral part of helping the business get where it is today. She has excellent skills when introducing systems and process for controlling all the admin across the business, liaising with internal and external customers in a very professional and courteous manner.

Yvonne has 16 years’ experience working in the public sector, face to face with the public where she gained her very calm and professional manner. She has worked at all levels of management and been involved in introducing many systems and process for improving the businesses she has worked in.

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Tony Hughes


Tony has worked in the Waste and Recycling industry for over 38 years and many of those in the processing of waste into fuel products. Tony has worked for EMR, Sita Uk and LKM Recycling and has established these businesses into a customer focused, fuel generation cultured businesses.

He is very passionate about the industry he works in and is fully committed to helping both large and small companies turn waste into commodities. His philosophy is that all materials discarded can become either a recycling material or a fuel generation commodity. He believes there will be a shift in requirements in the next 10 years, where waste will be the fuel for the electricity that the country will need to keep evolving.

Tony’s values are in the team of people around him, he is fully committed to helping all of those in any business he has worked in succeed in what they are looking to achieve.  Tony feels very proud when he can help the younger generations become successful people.

What People Say About Us

I have had the good fortune to work with Tony and found he is committed in what he does particular the recycling industry and it’s impact for the future. He also cares about the people he works with and his customers.

Colin Martin

Site Manager, Blue Phoenix Group

Tony is very passionate about the environment and environmental issues so much so that he will do talks in schools to educate the future generations. His organisation do a great job and always good to support a family run business with the personal touch and attention to detail, lost these days with the larger corporate ones. For recycling and waste it’s Tony all the way!

Andy Clarke

Director, Ambassador at Ibuumerang EU

Total Waste Management

Baler total waste management service

Need some advice?

We can advise on any waste material you produce which can be segregated and recycled to both increase your recycling rates, reduce costs and something create you an income.

All Our Services

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We offer bespoke and detailed waste and recycling services to make sure they get the best out of the waste being produced.

Contact Details

CDDL Recycling Ltd

Incorporated in England and Wales.
Registration No: 11115738
VAT Number 285873547

Britannia House, New Rd,
Sheerness ME12 1BW

 telephone 1 21x21 1 e1599142657755 0203 146 0722

 Email CDDL Recycling sales@cddlrecycling.co.uk

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