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We hope to help you and our clients recycle your waste and save or make you money from the waste you produce.

5 Paper Shredding Myths Debunked

Document security is imperative. Everyone knows this, yet there is still plenty of misinformation, causing a large increase in security breaches. One aspect of this is paper or document shredding.  Frankly, too many people are misinformed about shredding, leading to a...

Should You Shred Your Old Payslips?

Old payslips. They seem to collect like dust. It’s little wonder why so many businesses are going paperless and just sending it to employee email addresses. For many companies, however, they still choose to go the paper route. Should you, as the employee, keep every...

Lots of Confidential Waste? Here’s How We Can Help

For many businesses, confidential waste can be an issue. How to dispose of all that sensitive information in a responsible way?

Everybody knows screwing up piece of paper and carelessly throwing them in a nearby bin is not the safest way to keep your data private. After all, you wouldn’t throw a credit card away without cutting it up first!

At Confidential Document Destruction, here’s how we can help protect your confidential information while we dispose of it.